Cry Baby Diaper Gang

CBDG, as we were affectionatley titled by Austin just a few days after we brought home baby, was a pitifully, accurate description of the mess of spit-ups and break-downs that is Bopper and baby. I read the books, I followed the hip mom blogs, I knew which diaper bag would keep me stylish and ready for the daily grind, I knew exactly what baby would wear home from the hospital; what I didn’t know…. that shiz was about to hit the fan (litteraly).

My delivery was a breeze, I actually slept through it all and woke up at a ten and ready to go. Those first blissful days in the hospital, with people waiting on you hand and foot, whisking baby away to the nursery if she got fussy when you wanted to sleep, bringing you breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed really gave me false expectations of how easy this was all going to be. Then, when your time is up, they wheel you out to the curb and send you packing…without any instructions, advice or meals for the road. We were on our own, just the three of us.

Baby and I earned our title as the “Cry Baby Diaper Gang” pretty much right after we got home. I was not prepared for any of it. I was completely sleep deprived, scared out of my mind, and yes, I was basically wearing a diaper. So that’s what it had come to. Baby and I sitting on the couch watching horrible daytime TV, crying over every little thing and just waiting for Austin to come home to pull us both together.

Although I am proud to say that I graduated from the “diaper” part and the tears have mostly dried, there are still little bumps and quirks that we are working on from day to day. I hope to document all of our little adventures and mishaps in hopes that I (and anyone else reading) can find humor in this glorious trainwreck we call ‘motherhood’.


1 Comments on “Cry Baby Diaper Gang”

  1. so cute Honey and I do understand. But, you have graduated so well, Look at what a great little mom you have turned into!!!! I am already hating your next chapter tho. It should be called ‘ripping out Grandma’s heart and moving away.’ UGH :<( I am excited for you tho. Moving to New England was a good experience for our family when Tyler was born. Just can't even imagine how much I will miss all three of you!!!!

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