Ready or not….


So here it is, the birth story. I have been putting off writing this for so long. I keep wanting to write about all of our latest adventures and comedic mom fails, but I feel like I have to start at the beginning. So naturally, instead of getting this post written, I put off writing all together.

For me, being pregnant was….well…awful. I was sick the entire time, could not get enough sleep, and was so tired of being fat. I wanted my body back to myself again. I tried all of the natural ways to help induce labor (soaking in a ginger bath that left my whole bottom half burning was the worst), I even tried to tell my doctor I was worried about getting sick and needed to be induced, but all that got me was a non-stress test.

After I went a week over and had not dilated at all, they scheduled me for an induction…on Superbowl Sunday. Austin was a really good sport to watch the game from the hospital room.

The worst part of the whole thing was getting my IV put in. The poor nurse was shaking so bad and could not get it to work. She tried three times before she had to get a different nurse to put it in. I do not do well with needles, so I was going nuts.
It was pretty smooth sailing after that. I started to feel contractions, so the nurse gave me some medicine which made the whole night SO enjoyable! I was laughing at everything and truly having a great time. I wanted to talk to everyone about everything.

The nurse came in to check on me the next morning, and my water broke on its own and I was dilated to a 3. I opted in for an epidural and had THE BEST experience with it. When they came back to check me an hour later, I was dilated to a ten!! Suddenly, I was not ready to have a baby! I wanted to wait for a while before I delivered so the baby could descend on her own.

It was time to push. I had the cutest labor and delivery nurse and she told me to do a few practice pushes. Then, she told me to stop and that she had to run get the doctor. It was just Austin and me in the room, not sure what was going on and what would happen if this baby came before the doctor got there.

I see our doctor walk in with his long hair and he said, “Alright, lets have a baby!” and I was like…alright, lets do this. He was so fun and relaxed that it made it seem like such an easy thing. I wasn’t even worried anymore. Dr. Thorpe was honestly the best doctor and I couldn’t have wished for a better situation. I asked him if the baby was going to be here soon and he told me she would be here in one push. One push!! I think I felt every sing emotion all at once. Scared, excited, anxious, nervous, happy! Life was about to change forever. Then, I heard the sweetest little cry and I melted. She was here! A healthy, beautiful baby girl. Ten fingers and ten toes, she was perfect. I just wanted to hold her forever.

So there you have it. The beginning of Bopper and Baby. One of these posts I will have to explain where my nickname came from. But that is just going to have to wait. I have a lot to catch up on from little ones six months of life and I can finally post those now that I have the birth story done!!





….Here comes baby!

We LOVE Dr. Thorpe!


3 Comments on “Ready or not….”

  1. I loved reading your posts because they’re so real! Thanks for sharing the good and the bad.

    I loved your birth story! I hope my labor is that smooth! What did you pack in your hospital bag? I plan to get one ready soon and have no clue what to bring for mister, baby, and me. Any suggestions?

  2. Courtney, thank you for reading and sharing a comment! I never know if people are actually reading what I write. First– you are such a cute pregnant lady! As for the hospital bag, my only advice is don’t overpack. We did and, because those hospital rooms are quite small, we were tripping over everything all the time. You will have lots of family visit and can bring you things from your house if you need. Let the hospital take care of you and baby. I only brought one outfit for the baby and a few comfy ones for me. Slippers are great and I liked having my own bathroom stuff. Another thing we did was bring sleeping mats for my husband because the chair they have for them to sleep on is horrible. We put the mats on the floor next to my bed and he got much better sleep. Good luck with everything!! I’m sure you will love labor and delivery, they have the best nurses!!

  3. Thanks! I’ll try not to pack too heavy then. Where did you deliver? We’ll be at IMC in Murray. Their rooms seemed big and the have a bed of sorts that supposed to pull out for husbands (although, Aaron is 6’5″ so he may not fit ha ha!).

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