B & B take NYC!


Our home.

We are New Yorkers now! Ok, so…the locals would scoff if they heard me call us “New Yorkers”, and we’re technically not in the city. But, we did move to Ithaca, which is by far one of our better decisions. I love it here. I love it, love it, love it. It is so family-friendly, green and outdoorsy, and just all around great. Seriously, if you’re thinking of visiting New York, go upstate. Trust me.

Anywho, that was a little tangent about why I’ve been slacking at writing this time. I am pretty good at thinking up excuses as to why it takes me forever to write, but honestly, when it comes down to it, I just don’t know if anyone reads the blog so I just forget. I do have one follower (thanks, mom!!) and have gotten a few comments which have inspired me to trudge on. Even if no one reads my rants, I find it therapeutic to write.

Today, Sky and I went on a walk all around downtown. They have a common area with lots of local shops with handmade goods and fun trendy restaurants that smell amazing (we’re on a student’s budget, so we are just smelling for now) and tons of interesting people who love to talk to you and let you pet their dogs! The Farmer’s Market here is one of the best! It sits along Cayuga Lake and has a stunning view of the sailboats. We are really hoping for family and friends to visit soon so we can take them to our favorite spots. Until then, we will keep discovering more!

While Austin is in the MBA program at Cornell, Skyler and I are pretty glad to have each other to hang out with as the program is pretty demanding. On nights when Austin has late meetings and class activities, we explore! We went hiking around the gorges of Cornell yesterday, and let me tell you; lugging my little chunk back up to the car was one of the best work-outs I’ve ever had.

I am excited to have more adventures out here and to have fun things to write about! Thank you so much to those of you who left comments and read my blog, for keeping me motivated to write. Feedback is always welcome and if anyone comes to Ithaca, let us show you the town!

Until next time!


Cayuga Lake Cruise


DSC01832Exploring the gorge while Austin is at school








Farmers Market



8 Comments on “B & B take NYC!”

  1. So glad you guy’s are enjoying life as New Yorkers hehe! We missed you guy’s last Sunday. But so happy for you. I have not done my blog for ages. But it’s fun to read yours. It’s so fun to explore isn’t it. Love ya

  2. Oh Honey — I want to be there with you. Thanks for sharing your blog so we can see and hear how you guys are doing. I miss you so much but would not wish you back home and miss this opportunity in your lives. Enjoy and then come home. :>) Sending all my love!!!! Mom

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