Something to Celebrate!

August 9, 2014 – Skyler’s first tooth!


Skyler woke up at her usual time on this particular Saturday. We started into our daily routine. Skyler sat in her bouncy chair, watching me make her breakfast, as I ran through all of the chores I needed to get done that day. Austin was away for a school function, so the only real plans I had were to stay around the house and clean. The laundry, as usual, was in heaping piles in our closet and the floor was in desperate need of sweeping. 

As I started to feed Sky her cereal and avocado (one of her favorites), I noticed something small and white in her mouth. I stuck my finger in her mouth to see what it was and…she bit me! It was a tooth!!! Oh my goodness, I felt a rush of excitement, like when you see the toy you’ve been waiting all year for on Christmas morning kind of excitement. I wasn’t expecting to be so excited for her first tooth, but I guess this seemed like the first big milestone to me. I kept running my finger across it to make sure it was really there! Skyler was not nearly as excited as I was, she was actually not amused at the longer-than-usual breaks between spoonfuls of food so I could feel her tooth. 

After texting Austin and our parents (honestly, I probably texted all of my contacts – I was so excited), I hurried and got the two of us dressed, put Skyler in her stroller and we headed into town. This was a big day! You only get your very first tooth once. We needed to celebrate. As we walked up and down The Commons, we went into every baby store. We played with the toys, felt all of the soft blankets and met Noah, his mom works at one of our favorite stores and he quickly became our new nine year old best friend and tour guide. Skyler loves Noah. He showed us all of toys he thought Skyler would like best and even showed us where the city library is! 

We had so much fun celebrating this new tooth! Skyler came home with a new skirt and some stacking bath cups. As she zonked out on the walk home, I felt so happy that we chose to spend our day together, because even though it was Skyler’s tooth, it was a big day for me too. My baby turned into a not-so-baby anymore, and I kind of hated that. I am really going to miss that gummy, toothless smile. This is the moment where I started to realize that she was in fact going to grow up, and there is nothing I can do to stop it or slow it down at all.


I came home and put her in bed and was greeted with the piles of laundry that had been neglected for yet another day, but I wouldn’t trade our day celebrating her tooth for the cleanest house and freshly folded clothes. 

Oh and PS: her little toothy smile is pretty dang cute, too


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  1. I am so proud of you for choosing to celebrate that day instead of doing the laundry and chores. They do grow up too fast and you can’t get those days back. Good for you. And, I must say, I love reading your blogs. You are such a great writer and make it fun to read. Keep them coming. I still have not seen your ice bucket challenge — whatsupwiththat??????

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