What’s in a Name?

Skyler Madison

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Austin and I pretty much had Skyler’s name picked out as soon as we knew she was a girl. There were one or two names that kept getting tossed in the mix, but we always came back to Skyler. We loved it. It was cute and spunky, just how we imagined she would be. It was a really easy decision. The hard name to pick was her middle name. We wanted her to be named after someone. Someone exceptional– but we have SO MANY exceptional people in our lives, it was hard to pick just one. Of course we thought of her grandmas names’ and even went way back in our genealogy looking for names we thought were cute and they were all really great options. I remember the moment we decided on Madison like it was yesterday. We were sitting in a restaurant in St. George when Austin mentioned it. As soon as he said it- it stuck. Not only did it sound beautiful together, but naming her after my first niece was too perfect. I only wish I had thought of it!

Flash back 16 years ago when I met Madi for the first time. She was the very first niece or nephew to be born in the family. I fell so in love with being her Aunt. I took her with me everywhere, set up mini photoshoots and would always pretend she was mine. Being the youngest in the family, I never had a little sister to get to play with and Madi quickly became my very own real life baby doll. It seemed so fitting to name my real very first baby after her.

I also wanted Skyler to be named after someone she could look up to and to have a special bond with. I am the luckiest to have had four older sisters that helped raise me. I could always turn to them, and often still do, when times got hard and I needed a friend. I know that Skyler and Madison will have that same special bond and that Madi will be like an older sister to Sky. Watching them together only confirms that we named her after the right person. I love watching their little relationship grow and how special they are to each other.

Thank you, Madi, for being the kind of girl I want to name my daughter after. I only hope she grows up to have your heart of gold, compassion for all those around you, and that adorable little bubble butt! 😉

2 Comments on “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Oh my gosh that made me cry. Still can’t see. ..water in eyes. Beautifully said. I love you and Sky! Madison claims her as her own 🙂

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