Hello From my Hiatis!


Welp, I decided to dust off the old blog. Now that I’ve finished watching Gossip Girl on Netflix, I have all this free time on my hands, so I thought I would channel my inner Dan Humphrey and get to writing. But really I just want to be able to document our semester abroad (which we leave for in 36 days!) for my family without blowing up everyone’s social media feeds. You’re welcome, Instagram followers !

We will be living in Barcelona, Spain for three months starting in January! I am trying to balance my excitement, anxieties and worries and just make sure to enjoy this time. We booked our tickets to Paris, where we will spend New Years and then travel through the South of France as we make our way to Barcelona. I finally get to check Annecy off my bucket list! This all sounded so dreamy, of course, until the terrorist attacks hit and France declared war. Cue the freak outs! I keep telling myself that it will actually be safer now and security will be higher than ever. Sometimes I believe myself. But I have a sense of peace about it and I know we will be safe.

As for now, we are trying to enjoy our lasts of Ithaca, our home for the past year and a half. I have a love/hate relationship with this place. Thankfully the hate part comes right about now, as the temperature drops, so it’s the perfect time to leave. I get a little attached to our houses. I think every mom does. This is where Skyler crawled for the first time, learned to walk and said her first words. It’s a weird feeling knowing we won’t ever be back in this house.

One thing I am so glad we decided to do was to get family pictures in some of our favorite spots here in Ithaca. I love how they turned out!

Thank you to our amazing photographer, Natalya Fiore!

1 Comments on “Hello From my Hiatis!”

  1. I am so glad you are blogging again. You are such a great writer and I enjoy hearing about your experiences., And, those pictures……………..WOW! I was laughing so hard at the one where Sky had obviously had enough and just laid down between you and Austin. She cracks me up. I still play your message over and over of her talking to me. I can’t get enough!!!!!

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