Bubbles and the Beach

We love living a few minutes away from the beach. Even though it’s not warm enough to put on our swimming suits, we still have so much fun walking along the boardwalk. Barcelona is such a vibrant, bustling city! We can’t go more than a few blocks without bumping into musicians or artists who are well worth stopping for. Skyler loves it and always asks to go see the music. She especially loves the giant bubbles and “dancing boy”, a puppet on strings that dances to hip-hop music.

Our strolls to the beach almost always end with gelato or some sort of ice cream treat. On our last walk, we found a restaurant that only sells fries. Being the fry connoisseur that I am, I was just a little too excited. I made Austin buy us the biggest bucket they had. We made a stop at the next soft serve ice cream stand so I could dip my fries and work on getting gestational diabetes. 😛

We are really hoping that by the end of our time here, it will be warm enough to dip our toes in the water!

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