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Ready or not….

So here it is, the birth story. I have been putting off writing this for so long. I keep wanting to write about all of our latest adventures and comedic mom fails, but I feel like I have to start at the beginning. So naturally, instead of getting this post written, I put off writing […]

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Those First Two Weeks

How do I describe the whirlwind of those first weeks of a newborn and a new mommy? Basically, I was crazy. My eyes were constantly puffy from a non-stop stream of tears and a two hour night sleep, I was paranoid about everything (let’s not even talk about my SIDS obsession), and I wanted so […]

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Cry Baby Diaper Gang

CBDG, as we were affectionatley titled by Austin just a few days after we brought home baby, was a pitifully, accurate description of the mess of spit-ups and break-downs that is Bopper and baby. I read the books, I followed the hip mom blogs, I knew which diaper bag would keep me stylish and ready […]

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